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Effective advocacy. Expert insights.
We work with partners to catalyze social impact, influence public policy & achieve strategic goals.


What We Do


Our lobbying practice advocates on procurement, appropriations, policy, and regulatory matters for businesses, associations, and nonprofits.


Our data team combines digital data with polling and focus groups to understand public opinion and emerging trends.


We manage communications, media, grassroots, and issue campaigns throughout the US and Latin America.


Seasoned strategists that have successfully guided political leaders and campaigns across the US & Latin America.


We design and execute impactful digital campaigns that connect directly with audiences to drive public opinion and outcomes.


Our team raises millions of dollars of contributions and grants for candidates, committees, social causes, NGOs & issue campaigns.


About Us

Advocacy + Insights is a full-service public strategy firm that works with businesses, associations, nonprofits, and community leaders in the US and Latin America to catalyze social impact, influence public policy, and achieve strategic objectives. We are fiercely creative and data-driven, because great advocacy not only convinces, it compels.

Founded in Miami more than a decade ago, our firm has fostered deep relationships with policymakers and stakeholders, spearheaded political and diplomatic initiatives, and guided some of our region’s most important policy innovations, economic development initiatives, and civic movements.

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Insights and counsel from a team with deep industry knowledge and a long track record of successful advisory.

Tourism & Hospitality

We serve as trusted advisors to Greater Miami's tourism & hospitality industry, which represents more than 150,000 jobs and $20B of economic impact in the region.

Real Estate & Construction

We work with real estate developers and construction trade groups to reduce regulatory burdens, secure approvals for projects, and engage with stakeholders.

Social Impact

We help to propel nonprofits & social impact organizations in human rights, education, economic development, and environmental protection in the US and Latin America.

Tech & Telecom

Our team clears regulatory hurdles to enable the buildout of 5G telecom infrastructure and spearheads advocacy for innovations such as ridesharing and smart cities.

Infrastructure & P3

Our advisory has helped to shape favorable procurement & policy discussions for public transit, social infrastructure projects, and public private partnerships.

Hispanic & Latin America

Our team develops effective messaging and makes millions of contacts to engage with Hispanic consumers and voters and drive major shifts in public opinion.





Armando J. Ibarra is an industry-leading lobbyist, public policy executive, and strategic advisor to Florida's most important industries.


Global brands, industry groups, policymakers, social leaders, and civil society organizations rely on Ibarra's counsel to navigate complex circumstances and achieve strategic objectives.


Armando serves on the Board of the Foundation for Pan-American Democracy, as an Advisor to the American Conservation Coalition, as Director of the Florida Commission of Victims of Communism, and as President of the Miami Young Republicans.

Affiliated with the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists, Associated Industries of Florida, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau.


Alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Armando J. Ibarra

Founder & President

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